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My Name is Anna Lea Schmitt and I am a berlin based illustrator, animator and motion designer. I am exploring the limitless imagination and focusing on the bond between illustration and animation. I am working on animations for music videos or music based projects, music itself guides my work. Furthermore I am also working for commercial projects like explainer films and animations for social media.

I will guide your project from the idea, the sketches and illustrations until the realization and the final output.

my works

If you just have couple of minutes: check out my current showreel!

14 Engel

A film about what remains until the end - your memory. Helene is in need of care and demented. The most things she remembers are fixed in her long-time memory. This film is made in honor of my grandmother and grandfather. I tried to explore and understand how my grandmother is reacting to certain situations and memories from her past.


The shift of technology in all our areas of life opens a range of intim encounters between human and machine and is writing over the natural act of creation. Imagination and fantasy are important factors of our sexual desires, nothing seems more personal than our own thoughts. It’s up to us if we share them or keep them for ourselves.

This film is my bachelor-project from 2018.


A kinetic sculpture made out of mirrors to reflect the beauty of the seal-fur and the price the animals have to pay for it. In Canada seal-hunt is still a legal cruelty. Seals (mostly in the age of 3 weeks to 3 months) are skinned alive to sacrifice their lives for the fashion industry

Pretty stories & funny pictures

An homage to the German children's book by Heinrich Hoffmann "Der Struwwelpeter" (Shockheaded Peter). An ironic little mash up of the stories in the book we used to read as kids.

Burning Bicycles - Mermaid

I had the honor to create a music video for this cool song from burning bicycles, a upcoming band from NYC!

Bullet Global Explainer

Explainer Video for Bullet Global. Animation & sound design by me. Done in 2018.

Festivals & Exhibitions
  • Cinema Conversacíon - SomoS Gallery Berlin, Germany (11.01.2019)
  • CinemaQ Festival - Shanghai, China (30.06.2019)
  • Festival Filministes - Montreal, Canada (08.03.2019)

  • Projections for Maison Matz, Berlin, Germany (07-09.02.2019)
  • Selected Works (ue-berlin) @ Arsenal Kino Berlin, Germany
  • Feminine Tripper Festival Oslo, Norway (24.03.2018)
  • STIFF Festival Rijeka, Croatia (18.10.2018)
  • FURORA Film Festival, Berlin (07-08.08.2018)


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